The most stupid ways to lose weight. Testosterone Cypionate rewiews

Many people, especially women, want to have a very attractive appearance. This aspiration is incorporated by nature, Testosterone Cypionate. Yes, except that most of them do not want to make this absolutely nothing, except that embellish eyes and buy fashionable jeans … And when those extra kilos climbs out, there’s nothing you can do about it – you have, or join the ranks of visitors to clothing stores for “large” people or find a way to lose weight !!!

The funniest and saddest is that, instead of consulting a professional dietician, people begin to suffer the most stupid ways to lose weight. Buy Testosterone Cypionate.

From various sources we have compiled a kind of TOP these most idiotic ways to get rid of superfluous kgs:

1. An independent choice of diet. Only in one online you can find many different diets. Who was them? Who came up with all these stupid names? Many diets generally resemble delirium patient psychiatric clinic.

A person who does not understand nutrition, unable to navigate in All these diets. However, find, print out and make yourself a guinea from rabbit, Testosterone Cypionate for sale.

2. Complete rejection of food. This is generally a slow suicide … But what effective way !!! First, do some of the excess weight quickly goes away, the rest will remain even if you stop breathing. So arranged the body – slows down the metabolism to a minimum, Testosterone Cypionate for sale, the gastrointestinal tract atrophy, worsening of the blood, etc. The slow road to nowhere … If, after such “Diet” to resume its former power, who left kgs to return with a vengeance!

3. Receiving narcotic stimulants such as amphetamine. According to reviews, one day you can lose up to 3-5 kg. It appears sea of energy and can be actively train for 3-4 hours, and then still come off the night at the disco. Pay will not only overweight but also long depression. Also, keep in mind that burns no fat, and muscle mass. Buy Testosterone Cypionate online.

4. Smoking. There is no relationship between smoking and losing weight! This myth invented to justify the nicotine dependence. Very funny to hear, when someone lists their daily ration of coffee, no sugar, sandwich, cigarettes (!!!), yogurt, dried fruit.

5. The Miracle-simulators. Especially popular are the simulators for the press. Why not say in advertising that “Cubes” in the press depends on the amount of fat and it can not remove the dot? Most of these simulators are absolutely useless, even for training, not to mention weight loss.

6. Miracle pill. Designed exclusively on the exhaustion of the money you have, but not extra kilos, legal Testosterone Cypionate. Each time occurrence of new tablets is accompanied by a massive advertising company, and after profit company disappears from the market with multi-million dollar profit. People do not stop believing in fairy tales! People want to believe! People expect miracles and “receive” them!

7. Castings / excuses. It’s funny to see how losing weight girl stuffed in his mouth a piece of cake and then justified: “I’ll go once again to aerobics – used …” That is why many fitness clubs can be seen fatties with a constant figure for many years.

8. Worms. This method is suitable for very desperate people. If these worms exist, as a thank you, they will be “crap” directly in you body zashlakovyvaya and depriving it of essential nutrients, Testosterone Cypionate order.

9. Compulsory vomiting. How we must not love yourself, so that the fun? Sadomasochistic manner! The logic of the adherents of this “diet” is very difficult to understand … Is that someone special stuffed food into your mouth.

10. Reduction of the size of the stomach surgically. It is a way for those who are generally unable to control himself. What is stopping after the surgery again to break the stomach to the size of aircraft hangar? And besides, people with weak heart, obesity – can not wake up from under anesthesia. Legal Testosterone Cypionate.

11. Grandma-sheptuha and others experts in the field of healing. In fact – the right way in the treatment of obesity to start with the head! But why give money to charlatans? Especially effectively looks “treatment” on the phone – $ 1 / min.

We are confident that our list of the “original” way to lose weight is far from complete, but still hope you will have nothing to add from your life experiences Testosterone Cypionate …