Testosterone and cardiovascular disease. Testosterone Cypionate for sale

British scientists released the results of a 10-year follow-up, the purpose of which was to determine the effect of high / low levels of testosterone in the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, Testosterone Cypionate. The experiment involved 11 606 elderly men aged 40 to 79 years. This number of participants was collected from 1993 to 1997. None of them had obvious problems with the heart or oncology prior to the observation. Until 2003, for various reasons, died 825 men, Testosterone Cypionate order.

Accumulated over 10 years of statistical data allowed British doctors to draw definite conclusions on the effect of testosterone on the occurrence of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Buy Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone and cardiovascular zabolevaniya Professor Kay Thi Ho (Cambridge University Department of Clinical Gerontology) reported that the probability of dying from a heart attack, Testosterone Cypionate for sale, cancer or other diseases in men with increased by 25% (relative to average) testosterone levels decreased by 41% compared to other men.

Kay-Tee Ho suggested that “the use of injections of testosterone in men with low levels buy testosterone uk of this hormone can have a positive impact on the future state of the cardiovascular system and overall health testo 400. At the same time the professor added that the observations were made for men with its own level testosterone, and therefore the results can not be the basis for the application of artificial testosterone. Buy Testosterone Cypionate online.

For a more complete understanding of the effects of testosterone should be carried out a lot of other studies. “