Reduced calorie food can be dangerous for your bones. Legal Testosterone Cypionate

Many people suffer from obesity, Testosterone Cypionate. For them, the only way to bring the figure in order to change this way of life – to engage in physical activity and revise the diet. Most people trying to lose weight by simply reducing caloric intake. This can lead to increased bone fragility – osteoporosis. It applies only to those who lose weight without exercise. These are the results of a study conducted in the Washington University School of Medicine.

In a study of 48 adults (30 women and 18 men) participated. 19 are followed by a low-calorie diet, which implied caloric reduction of 16% in the first 3 months, then to 20% over the next 9 months. The second group, which also consisted of 19 people, followed their regular diet, but at the expense of physical training “burn” calories has been increased by 16% and 20% in the first 3 and 9 months, respectively. The third group of 10 people in general did not change anything in your lifestyle. Buy Testosterone Cypionate.

All participants were weighed prior to the study and at 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 months. Also, every three months, a special method of measuring bone density. In addition, scientists regularly take blood tests for more results and monitor the health of the participants.

After 1 year, legal Testosterone Cypionate, the first group lost weight by an average of 8.2 kg. The group, which was engaged in physical activity, she lost 6.7 kg. The third group was left with his weight.

With regard to bone density, members of the first group lost an average of 2.2% of the density of its skeleton. In the other two groups of bone density remains the same. Buy Testosterone Cypionate online.

This study once again proves how important for human physical activity and how it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle, Testosterone Cypionate for sale.