Obesity: causes. Testosterone Cypionate order

Being overweight is often the result of overeating. Overweight suggests that conserved energy in the body fat has accumulated more than required. Body weight may increase by 2 times compared with the norm, and in some cases much more. This state has called obesity, Testosterone Cypionate.

Obesity: Causes vozniknoveniyaOzhirenie does not come suddenly. It develops gradually. During this period it is recommended to apply preventive measures, it is much easier to implement than in the future to treat obesity. Constantly need to control your weight, keeping it at a level appropriate to individual requirements. Buy Testosterone Cypionate.

Currently, there are many formulas that allow the calculation of normal weight. But they all basically agree to a suma plus – minus 2-3 kg. I would recommend just such a formula: (height in cm – 100) – 5 kg after 160 cm Height and weight is desirable to measure without shoes and clothes.

If your weight is within the set limits, it means close to ideal, Testosterone Cypionate order.

In some poor countries, completeness is a sign of wealth, so many people who live there tend to gain weight. In developed countries, there is the opposite – the fashion became excessive slimness, and many women go to great lengths to get a little closer to the ideal imposed by the mass media. Buy Testosterone Cypionate online.

But before we turn to diet, should be carefully examine the causes of obesity, its effects on the body, as well as the impact of rapid a return to former weight after a grueling weight loss measures.

Various factors influence the occurrence of obesity and completeness:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Environment
  • Metabolism
  • Lifestyle
  • Psychology
  • Age-related changes

It should also be noted that the accumulation of fat in the human body, suggests that the diet receives much more energy than it spends in the web of its vital activity, legal Testosterone Cypionate. With regard to genetic predisposition, according to scientific observations, it can be stated that 80% of cases, full of parents, children are more likely to gain weight than those of lean. In general, the role of genetic factors are closely linked to environmental stress. The deterioration of the environment, impact on human genetics, leading to negative changes that often affect for violation of metabolic processes. Including metabolic disorders, internal changes and acquired diseases, which can then be inherited.

But life on obesity has a huge impact, Testosterone Cypionate for sale. It is in accordance with it, formed the diet and level of physical activity.

By the psychological factors leading to the fullness include fatigue, agitation, low mood or depression. In this state, people often find comfort in food.

The causes of obesity are strong as a rule, not only physiological but also psychological manifestations. This factor greatly complicates any attempt to lose weight in spite of a strong desire. Buy Testosterone Cypionate.

We should also mention the age factor. In both men and women with age increased tendency to be overweight. In this case, any age obese women more than men.

A little extra padding has almost no effect on health. However, a person may experience discomfort and inconvenience because the usual clothes became close. When the weight is more than 10% of the norm, there is the risk of not only cardiovascular disease, but also diabetes, hypertension, back pain, respiratory infections, and increases the likelihood of accidents, Testosterone Cypionate. As a result, among the overweight people is significantly higher mortality rate than in normal weight individuals. However, obesity itself is not considered as a cause of death.

Most people successfully losing weight with the help of a grueling diets, then gradually gain the old weight. Our bodies are programmed to consume the fat cells very economically only in cases of prolonged nutritional deficiency, to maintain vitality as long as possible, legal Testosterone Cypionate. For men the rate of consumption of fat cells designed for two months, and for women at 9 months (during pregnancy). Thus women fat reserves are burned much more slowly than men. The accumulation of fat is easier than burning it. Any diet for the body is a test, after the termination of the body more actively accumulate fat for possible future hungry days. As a result, people are not only gaining former weight, but often is even better.

As a result, even when using low-calorie foods when dieting, your body will still postpone the fat cells in reserve. After giving up diet fat cells become larger, more active. These qualities are enhanced with each diet. But even during a diet the body is trying to save, not to give fat. Thus, the rigid diet encourages the body to store more fat cells are hard and are less likely to burn them. With each new diet, this effect is amplified. Buy Testosterone Cypionate online (buying clenbuterol uk).