How to check the speed of your metabolism? Buy Testosterone Cypionate Online

Ideal – to address in any biochemical laboratory, but it is unlikely to mere mortals have to input, Testosterone Cypionate. Therefore, we offer you an easy way with which you can know the speed of your metabolism (metabolism). If you do not know what is metabolism, start studying the physiology of it with this concept …

The essence of the test to determine the metabolic rate (metabolism). Perfect day – Sunday. Waking up, perform all the necessary hygiene procedures, but do not take a shower. The apartment must be ventilated, legal Testosterone Cypionate. Immediately after waking up get dressed so that you were a little cool, but not cold.

Now the most important point of the test! Since yesterday you oatmeal should be cooked (rolled oats). Cooking better on the water or low-fat milk. You may not carry oatmeal in the water, but please be courage to the test. Why water? Yes, because the fats contained in milk will slow down the digestion process. Buy Testosterone Cypionate.

Heat 300 grams of oatmeal to room temperature (about 20). Cool oatmeal on the water – what can be more disgusting? Testosterone Cypionate for sale! But for the sake of the experiment will have to eat it, and, at a rapid pace, and not drinking any liquid.

If within a few minutes after the porridge eaten, you felt hot, and throughout the body made light perspiration – congratulations, you have a fast metabolism !!! Buy Testosterone Cypionate online!

If you just became warm, then you have a normal metabolism, Testosterone Cypionate order.

If after eating the “delicious” clover your feelings can be described as “neither in the head nor in the ass” – you have a slow metabolism