Fat metabolism in humans. Buy Testosterone Cypionate

Fats and other lipids (Phosphatides, sterols and cerebrosides etc.) are combined into one group physicochemical properties: they do not dissolve in water but soluble in organic solvents (ether, alcohol, benzene, etc.). This group of substances essential for the plastic and energy metabolism, Testosterone Cypionate. Plastic role of lipids consists in the fact that they are part of the cell membrane and largely determine their properties. Great energy the role of fat. Their calorific value is more than two times higher than that of carbohydrates or proteins.

Fats of animal body are triglycerides of oleic, palmitic, stearic, as well as some other higher fatty acids. Buy Testosterone Cypionate (tiromel).

Exchange chelovekaBolshaya body fat of the fat in the body is in the adipose tissue, the smaller part is part of the cellular structures. The adipose tissue fat located in the cell in the form of inclusions easily detected microchemical and microscopic studies. The fat droplets in the cells – is the spare fat used for energy needs, Testosterone Cypionate for sale. Most fat substitute is contained in the adipose tissue, which is particularly large in the subcutaneous tissue (tissue) around some of the internal organs such as kidney (in perinephric tissue), and in some organs such as the liver and muscles.

The total amount of fat in humans varies widely and averages 10-20% of body weight, and can even reach 50% in the case of morbid obesity, legal Testosterone Cypionate.

The amount of fat substitute power depends on the nature, amount of food, constitutional features as well as on the energy consumption during muscle activity, sex, age and the like. D. The amount of fat protoplasmic is stable and constant.

Education and the breakdown of fats in the body

Fat absorbed from the intestine into the lymph flows predominantly in smaller numbers – directly into the bloodstream, Testosterone Cypionate order.

Experiments with labeled animal fat cottage containing hydrogen and carbon isotopes, it is shown that fat sucked into the intestine pass straight into the adipose tissue, which has a value the body fat depot. Located here fats can pass into the bloodstream and entering the tissues are subjected there to oxidation, ie, used as an energy material.

Fats of different animals such as various organs and fats differ in chemical composition and physico-chemical properties (melting point, there are differences, consistency, saponifiability, iodine number, etc.). Buy Testosterone Cypionate online.

In animals, a certain type of fat composition and properties are relatively constant. By drinking foods containing even a small amount of fat in the human and animal body fat still deposited in the depot. He has particular species of animal, but the species specificity of fat is expressed far less than the species specificity of proteins.

In case of long and abundant supply any one type of fat can change the composition of the fat deposited in the body. This is illustrated in the experiments on dogs, which, Testosterone Cypionate, after prolonged fasting lost almost all of the body fat substitutes. Some animals then received food linseed oil, and others – mutton fat. After 3 weeks, the animals regained weight, and they were killed. In the body, each one of them found the deposition of about 1 kg of fat, which at first was a liquid, not to cure at O ° C, and was like linseed oil, and in the latter turned out to be solid, have a melting point of 50 ° C was similar to mutton fat.

Similarly, the effect of dietary fat and the properties of human fat. There are observations that the Polynesians who consume a large amount of coconut oil, the properties of the subcutaneous layer of fat may approach the properties of coconut oil, and people eating in seal meat – to the properties of seal oil. Buy Testosterone Cypionate.