Building or lifting: what power? Testosterone Cypionate rewiews

Many believe that in bodybuilding the big weight and does not need, and for progress in the growth of all kinds are looking for “workloads” … Fans as strength training is safe to say: “Great weight = bigger muscles.” Who is really right? Buy Testosterone Cypionate!

There are different opinions about the influence of large and exorbitant weights on the growth and the formation of muscle mass. The theory of relativity that the weight of the projectile is not critical for muscle growth, based on what powerlifters do not look as big and bulky as bodybuilders, Testosterone Cypionate order. But if you look closely, the experienced paurliftery have enough developed muscles, namely the buttocks, inner thigh, back muscles, chest and front delta. Why set so limited? The answer is surprisingly simple: with really heavy weights lifters work only in a competitive top three exercises (bench press, squat, becomes). And the rest of the muscle, if worked out, it is likely, in fitnesistskom mode.

Professional bodybuilders also work with very worthy weights of all muscles of the body, loading them to the maximum, Testosterone Cypionate for sale. And of course, at a very high intensity workouts in bodybuilding, it is simply impossible to achieve the same results in the squat or bench press, as in powerlifting. But every rule there are exceptions. Some well-known (and not), athletes work with such scales, which would be the envy of many powerlifters. This is based on the fact that bodybuilders no special equipment is used, which gives a considerable gain in strength, and do not resort to the technique, which reduces the amplitude of the movement. And how many powerlifters can perform bench press with dumbbells sitting on 60-70 kg, or make a thrust rod in the slope of 250 kg? Units … And here is a list of bodybuilders working with huge weights, endless. Buy Testosterone Cypionate online.

Of course, with powerlifters position all the exercises (except the above triples) are minority and unrepresentative. Why carry a bunch of unnecessary movements, if you can focus on the main ?!

The argument that a higher priority, bodybuilding or powerlifting, began a long time and is not going to subside, legal Testosterone Cypionate. But it is necessary sometimes to remember that this is – two methodologically different sport. And goals are also different: in the first case – muscle hypertrophy and aesthetics, in the second – an absolute power. Different and genetic characteristics of the athletes, giving them an advantage. For bodybuilders are: the predominance bystrosokraschayuschihsya fibers; narrow structure of the pelvic bone; broad structure of the shoulder girdle; aesthetically pleasing

the proportions of the body parts; relatively small circle of joints. For powerlifters: prebladanie bystrosokraschayuschihsya fibers; wide pelvic structure; broad structure of the shoulder girdle; short torso compared to the legs; unexpressed trends in the thickness of the joints; longer, compared with the average values and hands, Testosterone Cypionate for sale. Continuing conflict representatives of the two camps run in the same rooms, used the same ammunition and weights, but because they work differently. And achieve different results. Although something can be general, for example, improving power quality, functional qualities of the body, muscle mass gains. Therefore, it makes no sense to judge what is best and who is the best? … All athletes are worthy of respect and recognition. And everyone – his Testosterone Cypionate effect …