Bodybuilding: harsh realities. Testosterone Cypionate side effects

Upon reaching puberty (22-24 or even 18 years), body growth process is possible only with the help of muscle growth, because bone and cartilage had already formed, Testosterone Cypionate.

As we know any more or less literate person, for the growth of muscle requires two factors (as a minimum): a sufficiently high level of anabolic hormones (testosterone, growth hormone, insulin) levels and a sufficient number of amino acids in the blood. But here is a paradox: after 22 years, the testosterone level is stabilized, and after 25 – starts slow but steady decline. Buy Testosterone Cypionate.

Bodybuilding: brutal realities of Nature is wise and does not tolerate nonsense, because as a 25-year process of growth and development of the organism ceases, and therefore there is no need to increase the level of anabolic hormones, primarily testosterone. Therefore, the real muscle growth is possible only to this period of life. And what then do the rest, those who for whatever reason are not able to train during this period and started later? Legal Testosterone Cypionate! Or those who have decided to continue training after 25? They will probably have to put up with the notoriously meager progress … .. “Imagine, three such polutoraletnih cycle 70-pound amateur will increase its” weight “of up to 90 kg! … (This is a quote from the book by some highly respected Stuart McRobert” I think). Find me a man who is able to put the 4-5-years old youth (70kg – a weight average growth of 17-19 years boys) to achieve this, though, in principle, the real, but not guaranteed result because except
patience and willpower, this person must possess considerable margin of spare time in order to buy Testosterone Cypionate properly train, eat right (it is also necessary to know how!), sleep and general well lead a measured, quiet life. “… Working for success is simple. This requires passion, effort and time. … “These are the words Skip Lacour, one of those naturals who was able to achieve impressive success. I’m not talking about the fact that 18-20 years – a period of military service, and what there feeding, daily routine and general way of life! Who was, he knew, and who was not – that it’s better not to know. Buy Testosterone Cypionate online.

I would really like to meet this hero, who in a few years a little successful training still has not lost the desire to get hold of a good figure and a decent power!

But let’s go further. Here you are over 25, and you decide to continue your workout. Bravo! Praiseworthy decision. But what you do next, if you have not yet gained sufficient “mass”? Testosterone Cypionate for sale! Enough can nazyvatsya “mass”, which is equal to about 50-55% of the growth, and% body fat should be equal to 10-12%, ie, with growth of 175 cm, you must weigh at least 87.5 in decent shape !!! I’m pretty sure that the last year or two, your progress has been barely noticeable, and sometimes you were quite happy with the fact that not lose achievements (although this is bad). It is clear that to resume or continue the progress you need some way to increase the level of anabolic and / or reduce the level of catabolic hormones in the blood. To do this, there are two ways: either to cause the body to make it through heavy basic exercises such as squats, deadlift and lifting barbell on his chest and thrust, or by direct injection of anabolic hormones, which in addition to androgens are more insulin and growth hormone. The first way is safer, but much less rezultativen, Testosterone Cypionate order. Proponents of this method argue that this method can be almost double the level of testosterone and maintain it long enough for significant muscle growth. But even if so, any more or less educated pharmacist will tell you exactly what the body responds well to the effects of a single dose of the drug is not more than 3-4 weeks, after which needs a break or a marked increase in the dose. Imagine that you have forced the body to produce testosterone and maximum after 3 weeks still want to maintain progress. And what is the result? Most likely, you will get a nervous breakdown (sympathetic – adrenal) and hormonal (endocrine) system, which will inevitably lead to severe overtraining and nervous depression, Testosterone Cypionate effects. And you did it was necessary? It is possible that the massive use of glutamine such as supplements, creatine, amino acids, and other less rezultatiruyuschih agents will help you to lengthen the phase of progress, but it will be expensive, because these supplements give effect only when taken in very decent dosage and should they hoo how much, and still progress to last quite long. The conclusion from this is: the present successful training is still small, and therefore your progress will be minimal (even if all the conditions mentioned above). If you agree with the layouts, the way you happy! Buy Testosterone Cypionate!

You have chosen the difficult path of shoyu and are responsible for their losses, disappointments and failures. But you will have a long path to a lifetime given to this fascinating and exciting occupation. You will learn thoroughly the possibility of his body will pick up a nearly perfect diet for themselves and, perhaps, will enjoy decent health to old age. Finally, only one is my advice: as little as possible come to a large mirror in a more or less naked – not at all mind is able to see the same body for a number of years in a row, Testosterone Cypionate. So after all neurotic can be (honestly!) And, of course, on you do not need to read this article – no need to, because I’m originally proceed from the assumption that you start bodybuilding to acquire shape and strength of the athlete (and for what else?). To maintain health is enough to jog 2-3 times a week for 4-6 km and push-ups from the floor in the evening time of 50 and tightened, while not eating outright filth such as crisps, salted nuts, bystrozavarivaemoy pasta with sausages and sandwiches with caramelized sausage, sweet RFQ weakly brewed tea or soda and buy Testosterone Cypionate clenbuterol kopen in nederland.